Updates are available - press OK to download and install.....

There is nothing more annoying for PC users than the pop-up window - usually just after turning the computer on - that insists that 'updates are available' and almost forces you to update there and then. All you wanted to do was quickly check your email or browse for something on the 'net and you're held up by yet another update. If it's not Windows, it's Adobe, or Java. Or worse, your Anti-virus software.

As these update independently, it seems to me to happen almost every time you turn the computer on, and if you use more than one - say a laptop and a desktop - you know that you're going to get twice the hold-up - once on the desktop and once again on the Laptop the next time you turn it on.

Can I ask Microsoft to implement a standard update 'core' program that is part of the security centre on Windows and publish an API to every developer for Windows? My suggestion is that such a program should be used by developers who can then drive their updates through this core and we poor users can then schedule all updates to take place at a convenient time to us - not at the whim of each developer.

Ubuntu manages it. Mandriva manages it. Red Hat manages it. Why not Windows?

After all, aren't we supposed to be in control of 'our' computers?

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