Mending the washing machine

It's not good, in the run up to Christmas, to hear a bang from the washing machine and for it to stop with a flashing 'Rinses' light.  Our venerable Miele Novotronic W865 did this to us recently and the thought of paying out for a new one on top of the other household bills in December did not appeal at all.
So what to do?  We first rang Miele customer support.  No problem, they say.  Call out £98 for the first hour plus parts plus VAT.  Nice.  Then they say we can sign up, for £200, to a 12-month warranty and have it repaired.  Nicer.  But then they said that my machine was too old (it wasn't - the girl had mistakenly interpreted the warranty).  Still too expensive though.
What next?  Out comes the laptop and off we go(ogle). Interestingly I found this thread on DIYnot eventually which seemed to match my symptoms.  Looking at the potential cost of parts (under £5) it was well worth attempting the repair myself - even if that didn't fix things - so I ordered a fuse and a relay and fitted them both to the controller board (the fit took less than 15mins) and we now have a working machine.  And I now have a happy wife.


  1. Washing Machine from Miele the best of Germany!

  2. I bought the Bosch washer model WAP24200UC Ascenta 300 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer and I am having the EXACT same problem as you Jeanette O'Brion!! We paid too much money for this to break so soon! Just purchased in november 2014 and it started the problems around the 1 year mark. Also hate how little water it uses. Barely covers the laundry. Seems quite a few people are having this same problem with the loads becoming unbalanced and then machine not spinning out water.Ours stops after each stage of cycling and will not spin.